Bhejane Game Reserve

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Please note that the dates will be officially booked once a 50% deposit has been paid. If the guest chooses to cancel after this payment, the applicable cancellation policy will be enforced based on the number of days before the scheduled arrival date. We appreciate your understanding of our cancellation policy, which is designed to ensure fair treatment for both our guests and our business.

  • Cancellation more than 30 days before arrival:
    Full deposit refundable.
  • Cancellation between 30 and 22 days before arrival:
    Forfeit 25% of the deposit.
  • Cancellation between 21 and 15 days before arrival:
    Forfeit 50% of the deposit.
  • Cancellation between 14 and 8 days before arrival:
    Forfeit 75% of the deposit.
  • Cancellation 7 days or less before arrival:
    Forfeit 100% of the deposit.